• Be sure to follow the assembly instructions so that you can get both safe use and the best performance from your product for many years to come.
  • Screws and fittings must be installed in accordance with the instructions. Do not over-tighten or loosen any part of the product during installation.
  • Prevent using hot or cold materials on wooden surfaces.
  • Protect your furniture from liquids, very humid environments, extremely hot and direct sun rays, and chemicals used in the home.
  • Avoid putting excessive weight on or in your furniture, as well avoid leaning heavy objects on the product that can destabilize the product.
  • Do not climb on, press, sit or hang on your furniture for any reason.
  • Disassemble your furniture in reverse order during moving them. Pack the parts in nylon or cardboard by stacking them properly so the parts are not damaged during transportation.
  • Do not move furniture except for wheeled products by dragging or pushing.


  • Remove all shelves while relocating furniture in your house. While moving, products with such doors and drawers, face them upwards.
  • Check that whether wheel brakes are off on wheeled furniture.
  • Ventilate wardrobes and drawers at certain times, whether there is humidity or not in the environment of your furniture.
  • Leave 2 cm at least from the wall to the back of your furniture to prevent humidity and mold. 
  • Do not hit surfaces hard and with sharp objects, and do not drop such objects to surfaces.